Inception Week

EnerSHelF kicks off with a rewarding meeting of partners in Accra, Ghana

Constructive conversation, new perspectives, and enriching encounters – the first meeting of minds between the partners of EnerSHelF proved to be fruitful for everyone.

Representatives of the 11 partners of the EnerSHelF project convened in the Ghanaian capital of Accra for three days of intensive exchange and joint learning. Following a warm introduction, thematic teams jumped into planning sessions, ranging from the implementation of field experiments in different geographical areas to issues of market strategy & transfer and political economy.

The benefit of having an interdisciplinary approach to the energy project became clear during discussions; each group comes with its own individual strengths and specializations. In conclusion of the workshop, groups reconvened to create a joint strategy on managing cooperation and ensure a joint approach throughout the project.

The remaining time of the inception week brought EnerSHelF members into the field for guided tours of the hospitals scheduled to implement PV based energy solutions. The excursion proved helpful for partners in gaining insights from local Ghanaian health professionals and understanding the context in which the project is to be implemented.

Given the success of the inception week, plans are already underway for future meetings to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer.

EnerSHelF partners convene in Accra, Ghana for inception week